The Myth of "ME"

The Myth of "ME" is a handbook, a workbook, a meditation, a contemplation...

The purpose of this book is to act as a wakeup call to all of the sleeping humans that require an increase in awareness to directly experience who they truly are... and aren't.

Tony Spatarella

Tony Spatarella is a teacher, musician, and meditation intructor who has, for many years, engaged in the process of getting to know who he is, beyond identities, and mind created beliefs.

In this, his first book, The Myth of 'ME', Tony shares his insights and also effective methods that will facilitate the reader toward greater self knowledge.

Brian Burns

We live in a world where robots teach robots how to be robots... And, we are those robots! This is just one part of the message of Tony Spatarella's powerful new book.

All that we think we know to be reality is just a story, created by a neurotic society to perpetuate itself.

Within this fantasy world, human beings cling to a false sense of security based upon a solidified concept of "me" - the self - to give them identity and permanence.

That "me" is just another story, a mind created concept with no solidity or substance of its own. If this is the case, then who are "we", the living beings who feel, and think, and create? Spatarella's book also offers us a path, through meditation and practice, that can liberate us and enable us to become vehicles of light, and love, courage and compassion.

— Brian Burns Poet & Author of Kwan Yin Heart

Bill Sunkel

In The Myth of "Me," author Tony Spatarella proffers the seed of what, in this Golden Age of Narcissism, is bound to be a wildly unpopular idea: that rigid and unchanging self-identity, and the alliances founded on shared identity, are dangerous and destructive fictions.

Next, Mr. Spatarella explores the theoretical manifestation of that idea, i.e., what the world might be like, were we to abandon those fictions. Mr. Spatarella’s challenging vision encompasses a wide spectrum of disciplines: philosophy, psychology, spiritualism and sociology.

Described as a "workbook" by its teacher/author, The Myth of "Me" also includes a number of exercises designed to help the reader experience consciousness beyond the fictional "me." Provocative, food for thought and certainly fodder for conversation, The Myth of "Me" is a stimulating read.

— Bill Sunkel Musician
Desperate Measures

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